Stella Artois

This has been a great campaign. Great Chalice was sent to me from . Thank you Stella Artois. I love all the free products I get to try because of bzzagent.


Christmas is coming soon.

   I know it has been a while since I have posted. Recently my church decided to get us christmas. I wont divulge financial stats, but it was more than we could have ever expected.
   I am still a active BzzAgent. I have been recently involved with the Afrin, Goldtoe, and Stella Artois campaigns. They are all turning out to be wonderful campaigns.
   I have recently soft- modded my psp 1001. I have been playing dragon warrior 4. It is a great system. If anyone needs help modding their system, please comment with their questions and progress.
   To all my friends,family, and my readers, have a blessed and merry Christmas.

Loving life and food. P.S Bzzagent rocks!

I have been blessed with a great family. I love watching Iron Chef America.

After finding god again, i find it easier to go forward.

Been having a blast trying Afrin and GoldToe clothing for Bzzagent.

The Goldtoe socks really stand out. So much comfort and style.

Afrin is getting better. At first I was dissapointed. But day 2 picked up.

Amazing Campaign. GOLD TOE!

gold toe

Well, I got my bzzkit in the mail. I must tell you, Gold Toe clothing is Freaking comfortable. I love the socks. The shirts are comfortable as well. The six pairs of socks I got, really showcased the great styles they have to offer. I must say, that I will be buying Gold Toe for the rest of my life.

It is also worth mentioning, That my 2 year old son loves the socks as well. I had to put them on him while I was trying them out. He loves being like daddy. He wore his pair for 3 hours. They came up to his knee, but he managed.